Choosing a Marketplace to Sell Electronics Online Depends on These 3 Factors Onl

Sell Electronics Online

The decision to sell electronics online can be one of the best decisions you can ever make simply because that seems to be one of the only business opportunities that never run out of demand. The biggest choice that most online sellers face is whether they should go for Amazon or eBay in order to sell their products and seeing as how both of them seem to be in charge when it comes to online selling and buying, it can be easy to see why that is a difficult decision. So if you want some help, keep on reading this article for a quick comparison between the two.

The Fees

This is one of the most important factors that you need to consider when selling online because sometimes the fees that you have to pay can really cut down on the profit that you’ll make. The commissions on Amazon as well as the FBA fees end up being slightly higher than the fees that you’d have to pay on eBay, and if you decide that you want to use Fulfillment by Amazon those fees will actually go even higher. However, the reason why we can’t give this one to eBay is simply that people tend to sell new electronics way more on Amazon which means that you would make much more money there than on eBay, so this one remains a tie.

The Feedback

When it comes to feedback both of these websites will allow buyers to write negative comments and will only allow sellers to write positive comments back. The problems start when you realize that eBay pays much more attention to the seller’s feedback than Amazon does and eBay goes so far as to put a seller that has a low feedback score lower than the sellers that have a higher one. This one definitely goes to Amazon’s advantage, especially if you simply want to sell electronics and not bother with the whole feedback system simply because you need the score.

The Taxes

When using any one of these two marketplaces, you as the seller are responsible for the sales taxes on any electronics item that you sell on the site. When you set up the taxes on both Amazon and eBay, the sites will add that sales tax to the price of the items that you are selling and they will make sure to collect it from the seller and then disburse it to you. The reason why this is, again, a category where both of the sites tie is because while they will get the taxes, neither of them will file and pay any of the sales taxes instead of you, so that is still something that you have to do on your own.

Even though these are the leaders when it comes to selling online, they both definitely have their own pros and cons. As you can see, with the categories that we mentioned Amazon only slightly wins, but whether that is enough for you is up to you to decide. When you want to sell electronics online both of these marketplaces have their differences depending on the state of the items that you are interested in selling, so definitely make sure to check out both of them and see what works best.